The quality of a large commercial law firm
with the efficiency of a highly specialised unit.

As an executive, managing director or board member, you are exposed to legal challenges on a daily basis. Increasingly, criminal law also plays a role: tax errors in your company or with contractual partners can escalate into criminal law risk factors. Fraud, embezzlement or corruption appear in many different forms. Supply chains carry undetected risks into your company. Misconduct by employees or criminal charges by competitors can trigger official investigations. And almost in every case, public investigations lead to a loss of reputation with customers, banks and business partners. Finding your way swiftly through the critical situation of criminal proceedings and anticipating risks is demanding. And essential for a professional response. This is exactly where we can help.

What we do

We advise executives, managing directors and board members in Germany and abroad. Our clients include in particular banks, financial institutions, private equity companies as well as medium-sized enterprises in every sector. We help to avoid criminal law risks from the outset. And in the event of an emergency, we defend the company and those responsible for it against authorities and courts. We also offer start-ups uncomplicated advice and the willingness to quickly familiarise ourselves with new business areas.


How we work

We are highly specialised in criminal law. In addition to criminal tax law, our focus is on commercial and white-collar criminal law. In these areas we advise companies and individuals from Germany and abroad. We work with the utmost diligence and a strong commercial understanding. Personal responsiveness and efficient procedures are just as important to us as proven outstanding expertise. In this way, we combine the quality of a large commercial law firm with the advantages of an independent and flexible unit.

Criminal Tax Law

From tax investigation cases and tax corrections to negotiations before criminal and fiscal courts – criminal tax law is our core competence.

White-collar criminal law

We defend against allegations of white-collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, bribery or betrayal of business secrets.

Corporate criminal law

As corporate defence lawyers, we support companies that are affected by investigations or have been harmed by criminal offences.

Our principles

These 8 principles define the way we work with our clients.


  1. We place quality above everything else.
  2. We speak our clients’ language.
  3. We bring complex issues to the point briefly and precisely.
  4. We do not develop unnecessary effort and avoid wasting time.
  5. We are passionate about our job and sometimes take injustice personally.
  6. We consider ourselves to be service providers and advisors in a challenging situation.
  7. We are independent and give fair and honest assessments.
  8. We are discreet and silent.