White collar law

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White collar crime law determines the sanctions for offenses which are typically committed in connection with business activities.


The variety of criminal conduct relating to business life (“white collar crime”) is extremely wide. There is a large number of criminal and regulatory offences which can be found in various special laws.  The key provisions include, but are not limited to, the following offences:

  • Fraud and breach of trust,
  • corruption offences,
  • antitrust violations,
  • insolvency offences,
  • the betrayal of trade and business secrets and
  • accounting and balance sheet offences.

The willingness of investigation authorities to tackle misconduct in commercial life also by means of criminal law has increased significantly in recent years. Prosecutors rigorously investigate suspected unlawful conduct. The legal standard for the so-called initial suspicion which is required for an investigation is low. Once it is assumed, the spectrum of possible investigation measures is broad. It included searches of business premises and private homes, confiscation of documents and data or seizure of assets. 


The long-term effects of investigations are often difficult or impossible to cure. One factor to consider is the potential damage of reputation with customers, business partners and employees. Another is the personal impact that proceedings, often lasting for years, can have on the accused persons and their families. Anyone confronted with criminal investigations for the first time finds himself in an unknown setting in which completely different rules apply than in business life.

We provide legal support for the persons concerned at every stage of the proceedings.

As defense lawyers, as advisors or as witness counsel. From the initiation of investigations to the main hearing before the criminal court. Thanks to many years of experience, we know which strategy helps at what time and what is important in the specific situation. Our assessment is realistic and practical. We help to make informed decisions and build a solid defense. We attach particular importance to settling proceedings as quietly and fast as possible. We work smoothly and jointly with co-counsel.